“As a manager of field service personnel, I have been frustrated for years by the inability to efficiently exchange data with our enterprize and mid-market clients. FieldCore provided us with this capability as well as the ability to most effectively utilize our field technicians and dispatchers. FieldPower provided us the answer to our needs. The FieldCore technology and usability is outstanding. Our field techs love it!”

– Ken Lilley, Manager of Field Technicians, Volt Information Sciences

“We are thrilled with the results of using the FieldPower solution. We can now communicate effectively with all of our field service technicians and subcontractors. We know what is going on all the time with every aspect of our field service operations, from scheduling our vendor’s technicians right from our call centers, to reviewing how our field assets are performing. We have seen quantifiable results and we now need fewer dispatchers, we have almost eliminated missed appointments and our collections rate has doubled. Reliability has also been great. Truly a fantastic solution!”

– John Daley, MCI Local Infrastructure Group

“When you need more than a great Field Service Management Software Solution, FieldPower integrates with Remedy, SAP, NetCool, Navision, and all of Microsoft Dynamics, to add additional depth to your field service mobile workforce management. With headquarters in the USA, England, France, Singapore, and Dubai, and over 1500 programmers they support your company anywhere, anytime.”

– Jeremy Shaffer, Vice President, of InspectTech

“We have a trouble ticketing system developed by FieldPower that we use for customer issues requiring a technician to be dispatched directly to the customer site (ex: a customer loses their phone dial tone). We have representatives both domestically and internationally that use this application. FieldPower is responsible for keeping this application operational at all times. They are extremely responsive to any reported issues. These are rare. Additionally, they work closely with us on designing and implementing enhancements. We are bound by regulatory and legal mandates so deadlines can be critical and aggressive. I rely heavily on the team. We have a close working relationship and I am pleased with their commitment to servicing and supporting us.”

– Tracey Mula, VZB – Mass Markets/PLM

“As a very busy service center, my company was a bit hesitant to spend the time learning how to use the new FieldPower system. However, when I actually sat down to learn about it, I found that it is not only very easy to use, but is also full of things that make my work easier! I went online and it only took me 25 minutes to set up. The setup process was very easy and self-explanatory. I now have the power to specify the kind of work I want, when I want it and, most importantly, from which manufacturer or TPA. I can choose the manufacturers and TPAs that I want to work with as well as those that I don’t. The best part is that I’ve already received business from this! Within three days of finishing my setup, I received work from Hitachi to fix a plasma display the following week!! This system will be at the center of my operations for the future. I strongly recommend this to any service center that wants to save time and receive more and better business from manufacturers and TPAs!”

– Leo Cloutier, Electronics Service Center, Los Angeles, CA

“You have full control. You can disclose as much or as little information about your company as you want to the manufacturers/TPAs. One of the things I like most about the program is that FieldPower will call the customer and remind them of the appointment. This has reduced our customer “missed appointments”. I had the same fears many other service centers did when I first looked at the FieldPower program. However, the benefits far outweigh the fears. I would rather have the manufacturers and TPAs send me all of their calls than miss calls because I am not on this easy-to-use system. I think FieldPower is the way of the future. And the future is getting closer by the minute.”

– Kent Newsom, Advanced Electronics, Lubbock, Texas

“With FieldPower’s new mobile solution, we can triple our technician to dispatcher ratio, making our people more efficient and saving us significant cost. Right from our operations center, we now have complete control of all that is happening in the field – who is working and what tickets have been completed. We can even reassign work in real time. This tool frees our managers so they can be more productive and our technicians can adopt the handheld units right away because they are so easy to use!”

– Diane West, Service Manager, Volt Information Sciences


FieldPower was chosen for the prestigious FFA’s Track Award due to the unprecedented payback from this deployment, which well exceeded MCI and Volt’s expectations. Net results include savings of 60-90 seconds per call to MCI’s call center, elimination of data typing errors, elimination of more than 5,000 call backs per month to the call center, a 220% decrease in the number of dispatchers required by Volt, a decrease in missed customer appointments from 25% to less than 5%, a doubling of MCI’s collection rates on field service work, and an improvement of overall service quality and customer satisfaction. FieldPower is used by more than 400 MCI customer service representatives in multiple call centers and over 100 repair technicians from Volt Telecom.