Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT)

Before internet-connected devices were the norm, it was common for facility managers and in-house maintenance staff to spend time on the phone with customers booking in a suitable time for repairs to be carried out. It takes hours, if not days, for a technician to come out to the site leading to potential downtime in the interim.

When a technician comes to the site, he may have found that he didn’t have the right tools, the right parts, or even the specific knowledge to carry out the service needed. This would mean that same technician would have to go back, or a second technician would need to come out to complete the service.
However, with the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) means that much of this model is shifting to real-time, predictive maintenance and those companies that adapt their businesses will benefit the most from the resulting competitive advantage.

FieldPower’s connected service through IoT can not only help field engineers to remotely diagnose problems in many instances, they can also help to remotely repair or prevent further damage to equipment.

The unique features of FieldPower’s IoT that dramatically shift your business model using the data generated are as follows:

  • Has an array of integration tools that allow us to quickly and seamlessly connect to any IoT platform.
  • With real-time device monitoring, you will be able to get data in real-time about different aspects of installed equipment/machine.
  • Machine Learning and AI keeps track of connected device data, predicts when a service is needed before any problems occur.
  • When an anomaly in the data or some sort of issue is detected, trigger alerts are sent for remote troubleshooting.
  • In circumstances when remote troubleshooting isn’t possible then IoT will automatically create a work order and select the right technician with the right skills and parts to be scheduled and dispatched to solve the issue.

The benefits for field service with FieldPower’s IoT enhancements are very broad, touching on many sub-segments of your business

Reduces Downtime

Machines and devices notify when failure is imminent, allowing you to pre-emptively provide service.

Service at lower costs

Technicians visit sites and inspect equipment only when it is required. This approach results in lower administrative and field resource cost, improved equipment uptime, and higher customer satisfaction.

Sustainable Machinery

With continuous monitoring, there will be a scaling down in the need for replacements. As a result, machinery gives more opportunity for sustainability.

Empowers your technician

With employees keen to use their skills to solve meaningful problems, rich data from networked devices prepares technicians up front with the right tools and skills to deal with it. In turn resulting in first-time-fix rates rise, less time spent in travelling, and the empowerment of your staff’s morale.

Improved Customer Service

The increased level of insight enables predictive field service management and maintenance, and seamless support before even customer is aware of an issue resulting in improved customer’s satisfaction and increase business.

IoT has already drastically changed the industrial landscape and is now making waves in the field service management sector. Doesn’t matter if you’re a utility business, a HVAC service provider, a healthcare provider or a telecoms business, it’s about time you look at how IoT will change field servicing for you.

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