Field Service Billing, Metrics and Reports

Get paid faster with FieldPower’s field service billing essentials system. By collecting information in the field at the immediate completion of work and transmitting this to FieldPower, you can clear credit card payments immediately, or send information to your internal field service billing system within minutes. An accurate invoicing and prompt collections processes are essential business requirements for field service profitability.

Too often, purchased services and products are not properly recorded or recorded late, or parts used are not accounted for properly. The resulting negative impact on the bottom line can make the difference between a company in decline and a company that will rapidly grow. FieldPower’s field service billing information system can.

  • Accept payment in the field or transfer billing information the same day to your existing accounting system.
  • Track parts used, returned, defective, etc in real time because parts and inventory are an integral part of the work order. The person responsible for the part is recorded in our history system, and reports are available to track usage.
  • Retain detailed work information to transfer to a timesheet system or accounting system. Some of the systems we have worked with are
    • SAP
    • Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains
    • Sage
    • QuickBooks
    • Home grown systems

Reporting measures the quantity, quality and cost effectiveness, i.e. the field service results of the work being done by your company, and presents this information in a way that allows you to make decisions. FieldPower’s field service results reporting provides operations managers with the information to run daily operations, and management with overviews of progress, cost, and profitability. FieldPower comes with over fifteen field force reports that have proven useful to companies in the past, and the option to produce your own reports, or have us customize reports any way you like. Each report has a variety of selection criteria, and some of these mobile workforce field service results reports are shown below.

  • Appointment Report
  • Appointment Requested vs. Scheduled Date Report
  • Appointment Scheduled vs. Technician Work Date Report
  • Work Resolution Report
  • Revenue Produced Report
  • Summary of all Work Tickets
  • Life Time Report
  • Availability of Technicians to work dates vs. Customer call Dates
  • Reporting showing multiple visits to solve the same problem
  • Number of billable Truck Roll reports
  • Quality Report
  • Effectiveness of Utilization of time report
  • Inventory Report
  • Audit trail report

Real Time Charting is provided to show at a glance summary information of field service results.


  • Accurate expense and mileage reporting
  • Replicate itineraries from old data
  • Clear accurate picture of work details and activities
  • Integrates easily with Microsoft Dynamics: ERP, CRM
  • Manage database Oracle, SAP,
  • Legacy Integration for Mainframe billing / applications
  • Voice Response Systems for Call Centers