Dynamic Dispatching Software

Provide customers with accurate, definitive, dynamic solutions using real time dispatch from FieldPowerTM. Locate, communicate and start the correct technician on his way while providing the customer with the arrival time. Mobile workforce real time dispatch software analyzes availability, location, drive time, sla, skills, and each vendors technician schedule – performing thousands of calculations in seconds to arrive at the correct technician. Real time dispatch highlights.

  • Work that requires your attention now
  • Workers that have unassigned work periods
  • SMS Messages to and from technicians

This field force real time dispatch page allows you to reassign work, text the technician, receive conformation, time of arrival at the customers location, while showing driving directions – all in one place, at one time, and while keeping a complete history of events.

FieldPower’s mobile field service real time dispatch lets you be your customer’s hero – the one he will think of when it’s time to renew your contract.

Pull a technician out of a hat using FieldPower’s real time dispatch. Contact FieldPower today to learn how to perform magic!


  • Real-time automation
  • Full scope of optimization
  • Easy implementation
  • Build practical routes
  • Great support
  • Improve Technician to Dispatcher Ratio
  • 1st Call Scheduling with Proprietary rush hour Algorithm
  • Cut Customer Missed Appointments by 60+%
  • Guaranteed Quick and Easy Integration with any system