Parts and Inventory Management Software

Parts and Inventory management is a very challenging task for any company. With a proper inventory management system not in place can give rise to lot of unhappy customers resulting in a huge loss to the company. Keeping the loop holes of the inventory management in mind FieldPower’s mobile inventory management software has been developed. Our mobile inventory management software is a complete solution for all your inventory management challenges across all locations.

Fieldpower’s inventory management software is a total solution for your inventory management needs with seamless integration with GPS and UPS tracking. The software easily integrates with your company’s in house system. Easy inventory tracking, creating purchase request, updating Inventory information across locations, inventory alerts and escalation, generating various custom reports for all your reporting needs are few of the features of Fieldpower inventory management system.

Fieldpower’s inventory management software allows the field technician to operate on a handheld mobile device and synchronizes information between him, Inventory warehouse and dispatch center. The field personnel has the ability to check inventory locations and parts, update inventory quantities and do complex inventory management functions on handheld devices.

What is possible with our Inventory Management Software?

  • The inventory management software allows managing part details like value, serial numbers, warranty days, procurement cost, set min/max inventory levels etc. It also allows the users to upload the part lists from external files like excel and also provides the field personnel to generate quick inventory check reports.
  • The inventory management system provides the ability to do cross checking of available inventory across regions before placing inventory orders.
  • The inventory management software provides mechanism to technicians to request parts and gives the ability to manage part requests with a link to work order and provides supplier part order information.
  • The system also has the ability to assign parts to work orders and does intelligent check of vendor availability for requested parts.
  • The software has a very complex algorithm which takes care of managing multiple warehouse inventory across different locations, regions etc. It takes care of part substitutions, replacements, price updates, part returns, price check, upgrades etc.
  • Reporting features to generate advanced inventory reports by vendors, write off reports, replenishment, valuation and aging reports.

The inventory management software simplifies your inventory and parts management task


  • Minimize repeat visits
  • Maximize profit
  • Optimize preventive maintenance
  • Improved parts availability
  • Easy integration with ERP system
  • Utilize bar code and RFID capabilities for inventory tracking and management
  • Inventory Transfer Options
  • Place an emergency reorder while in the field