Mobile Field Service Management Software

Mobile field service requires all the current data is available for your mobile field force in real time in the field. For a technician out in the field, the appointments scheduled for the day, location, customer information, part requirement, availability etc are the critical data and the access to this information will increase productivity and cut down the job execution time. Fieldpower facilitates that data is sent and received from the configured mobile field resources to exchange live data without any delay. This two way communication makes sure that the technician in the field as well as the dispatcher is notified of what is happening in the customer location. So if there is any delay in the customer end and if the technician will not be able to go for the next appointment, the FieldPower software will find an alternative technician for the next service call. If not, the Mobile Field Service software will prompt the dispatcher to notify the customer of any changes. Similarly if there is a Cancellation of appointment at the Customer end, the Mobile Field Service Software will notify the technician as well as the dispatcher and re allocate new work to the technician based on an intelligent algorithm.

The mobile field service with a Voice Enabled features provides most of the features available in the Smartphones and PDAs at fraction of its cost. With the core intelligence residing in the Mobile Field Service Software in the Computer Server, a technician is guided through pre defined questions and voice responses.

Features of Mobile field service software

  • Service call information instantly notified to mobile devices
  • Update of real-time status feedback Field to FieldPower.
  • Taking care of automatic connect and reconnect of mobile users when moving in and out of cell phone the of network coverage areas
  • Storing Technician work data in the mobile devices
  • Generating Time tracking and field service mobility reports
  • Immediate notification of Job acceptance and rejections
  • Location and Navigation tracking
  • Service Level Agreement and other alerts

Supported Mobile Devices and Technology

Devices Technology
Ordinary cell phone SMS and Computer Voice Response (CVR*)
Smartphones Custom forms, email, web browser, SMS,CVR
Laptop or Tablet Custom forms, email, SMS, CVR
Specialized Barcodes, handwriting, credit card, etc

*Least expensive, works with any brand of cell phone anywhere in the world. No special mobile field service software needed.


  • Eliminates errors in the field with real-time access to data
  • Better efficiency for better customer experience
  • Automatic data capture
  • Performance metric visibility
  • Improved workforce management
  • Real time Communication
  • SMS alert to technician of changes in schedule or reschedule
  • Credit card Integration
  • GPS guidance