Travel/GPS Optimization

Visualizing worker and customer locations on maps enables the overview required to make important big picture decisions. The Geographic Information System (GIS), made by combining GPS with Microsoft’s Virtual Earth, allows decisions makers insight to improve business solutions. Location Based Service mapping provides a view of your field service operations. It also adds a visual dimension to your reporting. Improve your business decision making by using mobile field force location based service from Virtual Earth to represent field or asset locations. Inventories can be added to the map to present more background. Field service management location based service provides information in familiar road map format.

Businesses can use the Field Service location based service software to find the exact type and status of their field processes. This maximizes the efficiency of their dispatching and deliveries, optimizing task completion. If there are changes, the mobile workforce location based service application can suggest alternatives to remove wasted time and resources.


  • Automatic reshuffles daily or weekly plans
  • Adapts to cost constraints, work and workers
  • Content based GPS Tracker
  • Less carbon footprint
  • Predictive exception management
  • Integrated with Bing Maps / Google Maps / any GIS Maps
  • Actual Drive time or Straight line distance measured and drive time calculated
  • Location positioning
  • Interactive Live Maps for Dispatchers and Customer service.