Field Service Back Office Integration

Companies indicate that back office integration tops their list of field service solution requirements(1). Real-time connectivity and total cost of ownership are a distant 2nd and 3rd. FieldPowerTM has a higher integration capability than any other field service management solution available. It was built knowing the importance of field service integration with existing systems, and has a history of successful integrations.

Integration costs have historically exceeded the total cost of the initial system, so it pays to choose wisely. Field Service back office integration means working smoothly with your existing software investments. Often data flows into FieldPower from an existing call center or ticketing system, and professional field force back office integration requires that data flow back, often on a real time basis. Your mobile workforce depends on this back office integration for its information so we know avoiding disruptions while performing back-office field service systems integration is very important. Onsite professionals will come to your company to understand you business and create a plan.

FieldPower has done legacy system integration with field service, as well as field service integration with home grown systems, from mainframe to desktop. Some of the more well know back office integration involve Remedy, SAP, Navision, NetCool, QuickBooks, and CRM systems. Other databases back office integration include Oracle, Sybase, and Microsoft SQL server.


  • Build and manage daily itineraries
  • Capture costs receipts on the go
  • Automatically log trips and miles driven
  • Eliminate the need to write custom reports
  • User supported back office systems and integration
  • Vendor Management
  • Protect your company’s data, vendor vs. vendor data, and flexibly control
  • Scalability