Managing and maintaining your REO property was never so easy.

FieldPower REO a simplified property preservation and management tool for real-time tracking, improving collaboration, and deep insights.

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Today, the rising numbers of REO properties is a challenging task for REO managers, banks, and asset managers. FieldPower REO automates the Property Preservation Repair and Inspection Services through the in-built Vendor Management, Property Management, Utility Management, HOA, Code Violation etc.


Key Features:

Property Management Customer Portal
Customer / Investor Management Vendor Portal
Multi -Vendor Management Robust Line item Pricing
Estimate/Contract/Proposal/Bid Management Dynamic Workflow Management
Damage & Claims Management Dynamic SLA management
Automatic & Manual Work Order Management Email & SMS Notifications
Utilities Management (Electricity, Gas & Water) Dynamic Forms and Custom Fields
FHA and Over allowable Service History Tracking
Code Violation and VPR Mobile App
QC Review and Multi-level Approval Process Predefined and Customized Reports
Photo Management Administrative Functions
Intelligent Rule based engine (Auto Triggering , Auto Approval, Auto Cancel ,Auto Accept) Mobile partners (Pruvan, EZInspections and so on)
Vendor Selection Model API web services
Bulk import of Orders and Properties QuickBooks Integration
Property Access Groups Reporting integrations ( Tableu, Power BI)
Preventive Maintenance Branded White Label
Case Management 24 x7 Support

Benefits of FieldPower REO:


Optimal Resource Utilization: Improves resource utilization including property managers, field service providers, third-party service providers, field inspectors, employees, and all internal and external stakeholders


Sharing real-time information: Allows Field Inspectors, Managers, Owners, Tenants & Vendors involved in a transaction to have a complete real-time visibility on the field and progress including managing and sharing of documents


Integrated Reporting: Provides deep-insights into volume, types of requests, property, vendor, customer and employees’ workloads


Simple to use: User-Friendly and Intuitive; Creating bids, business workflows, Invoicing & payment is at a click of a button


Better Customer Satisfaction: Customer has access to all the information anywhere/anytime


Less Paperwork: Reduced paperwork increases the speed of processing the transactions for all stakeholders including brokers, buyers, sellers, appraisers, and insurers