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Workforce Management Software

Workforce management across a company is critical to its smooth functioning. This being one of the defining factors of your company's long term success, FieldPower offers you Mobile Workforce Management solutions that ensure quality workforce management software tools.

The workforce management software functions as a medium between your workforce and information center ensuring that all work is smoothly executed. The mobile workforce manager is a proficient tool which ensures seamless data flow void of any disruptions. This software manages pertinent job data that is continuously available to your workforce allowing them to send and receive information about the work they are scheduled to do.

This Mobile workforce management solution functions as a two way feedback channel that allows the continuous update of data from anywhere at any time. This feature ensures that your entire workforce is updated of changes whenever they occur. You can customize your work order page to easily track and close on service requests. With abilities to reschedule, dispatch fresh work and arrange alternative options, the workforce management software is a multi-tasking application.

Mobile Workforce Management Solution

FieldPower's mobile workforce management solution offers you a lot more features and functionality. It allows you to:

  • Complete end-to-end work order management
  • Schedule recurring work Orders
  • Support multiple service requests
  • Support one or more jobs with single or multiple technicians
  • Track field activity inside the work order
  • Track closure information
  • Track payment information
  • Schedule a technician from the work order
  • Perform automatic or manual scheduling options
  • Track extensive audit trails
  • Perform quick search & advance search

Mobile workforce management allows you to dispatch service call information to mobile devices and receive real-time status feedbacks from your workforce. You can view technician locations, reschedule requests and track SLAs to closure. FieldPower's workforce management software will not keep you on the go.

Given below is a list of FieldPower supported mobile devices and technology:

Devices Technology
Ordinary cell phone SMS and Computer Voice Response (CVR*)
Smartphones Custom forms, email, web browser, SMS, CVR
Laptop or Tablet FieldPower, custom forms, email, SMS, CVR
Specialized Bar codes, handwriting, credit card, etc

Least expensive, works with any brand of cell phone anywhere in the world. No special mobile field service software needed.
Contact FieldPower today and gain a competent edge when it comes to service requests.

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