Service Management Software – Multi Vendor Considerations

Service Management Software – Multi Vendor Considerations

Service management software should both give you more control and higher profits. Part of obtaining the latter is doing business differently as change occurs. In the service management software business, this often takes the form of utilizing new vendors, with new skills, working in new geographic regions. Service Management software should include the management processes, systems and best practices needed to effectively build a smarter business by utilizing new ways to efficiently deliver better business services.

A major trend is to use multiple smaller, lower overhead vendors and to deliver parts ‘just in time’ Avoiding trips to the office, or the office entirely, can drastically reduce your costs of doing business. However the management and quality / cost controls of many solution providers often seems overwhelming at first. How do you know who is working where, and when, and how good is their quality of work? FieldPower provides a centralized, easy to use solution using our award winning field service management software solution.

Field service management software in medium- to large-sized companies often means multiple dispatchers have to plan the most efficient schedules for many technicians, causing them to sometimes work late into the night so the next day’s work can be carried out with the best balance between the lowest cost and the highest degree of customer service. Daily, jobs need technicians with

  • The right skills and parts
  • On-time arrivals
  • The shortest drive time from the previous location, and
  • Fully billable hours for the maximum amount of time while avoiding overtime.

Add in multiple vendors, and multiple exclusive / not exclusive work regions, and thing become quite complex.

Learn more about how to take advantage and implement multi service management software automation solutions by downloading this white paper, and contact FieldPower.

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