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A key feature of FieldPower is the ability of its field service scheduling software to automatically schedule and optimize the mobile workforce. Real-time transfer of information allows FieldPower to respond intelligently, rescheduling job assignments and rebuilding schedules so that all work is accommodated optimally.

Each service company's biggest challenge is managing their workforce. The workforce has to be scheduled, dispatched and tracked in real time. A service management scheduling software like FieldPower helps companies optimally schedule their workforce to meet appointments. This leads to increased customer satisfaction.

Unexpected delays or last-minute orders are optimally incorporated with minimum impact on service levels or operational costs. Workers can send in reports and be automatically directed to their next job. Job field service scheduling software, workflow management and mobile data capture functionality is integrated with a central real-time planning system to provide a complete mobile workforce optimization solution and job scheduling software solution.

Five distinct types of field service management scheduling software are available

  • Exact date and time
  • Sometime on a particular day – we will call later to tell you the time
  • Sometime on a particular day – make sure someone is home all day
  • Emergency Field Force Scheduling (ex. Work requiring same day response)
  • Fleet Scheduling / Route Optimization (ex. Meter reading)

When applicable the Field Service Scheduling software evaluates ten variables to optimize field service scheduling.

  • Technician work schedules
  • Types of skills – including union / non union work
  • Necessary certifications, insurance, security in force
  • Travel time between the technician's location and the customer's location
  • Add travel time for rush hour and other special conditions
  • Remember customer recurring appointments, and automatically schedule them
  • An approximate length of time each type of repair or work can take
  • SLA warning per service type & Customer Preferred time
  • Knowledge of how close technician is to overtime
  • Parts availability

FieldPower service management scheduling software helps service companies service companies run their operations with greater efficiency, reduce costs and improve service levels.

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