REO and Constructions


Superior planning and scheduling is the only key for planners and executors in the construction field to finish the projects on time and on the budget. In one such scenario, reducing traveling time between places and managing the workforce would bring significant contrast.

With Field Powers REO & Construction Software you cannot can just alter the product to track whatever data you need, Manage expansive portfolios with devices to load information rapidly and mass alter records, Automate to improve tedious tasks additionally oversee correspondences and reports with your investors in the Customer Portal.

Though planning and execution have its own importance, it’s people who do actually build things, but there are major challenges around including payroll tracking, man hours spent on specific jobs, fuel and mileage expenses and gathering proof for services provided.

  • Plan budget
  • Reduce fuel and mileage cost
  • Increase work efficiency
  • Manage payroll and staff safety
  • Plan what if scenarios