• Field Power – Award Winning Mobile Field Service Management Software & solution

    Fieldpower – A Comprehensive Work Force Management Solution with advanced features not found in any other competing application – advantages that make your investment much more valuable.

    FieldPower is a very effective service management software for a wide range of service companies providing an automation solution to manage their field workforce. Fieldpower's mobile service software can be used in multiple devices line Blackberry, droid, iphone,ipad, psion, intermec, slates, notebooks, tablets, laptops and slates.

    Field management service software offers numerous benefits by reducing customer missed appointments, cutting down cost by effectively providing automatic dispatch feature.

    field management service software
    Improve Technician to Dispatcher Ratio

    FieldPower Service Management Software dramatically improves productivity and decreases cost as fewer dispatchers are needed. Automatic dispatching allows dispatchers to handle same day emergencies more effectively..

    Cut Customer Missed Appointments by 60+%

    FieldPower Field Service Management Software eliminates missed appointments by 60+% by using our proprietary Customer Reminder System.

    1st Call Scheduling with Proprietary rush hour Algorithm

    FieldPower's schedule optimization leverages multiple capabilities to increase call closures, ensure SLA compliance, and maximize your productivity metrics across your entire mobile workforce management software solution.

    Guaranteed Quick and Easy Integration with any system

    FieldPower's mobile workforce management software integrates with SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics GP, QuickBooks, BAAN, Navision or any home grown system.

  • Transforming work order scheduling based on intelligent business rules and reality, FieldPower's® field service scheduling evaluates multiple variables in real-time to find the right resource at the right time. As circumstances change, it continuously re-optimizes and redistributes the workload among the mobile workforce

    field management software
    Intelligent Scheduling

    Be it multiple vendors or technicians fieldpower can intelligently schedule based on their availability

    Route Optimization

    Fastest routes for Technicians based on current and upcoming locations

    Part Request

    Part availability is checked before scheduling and requests placed for tools/test equipment

    Cost Benefits

    System assigns the best technician with the right skills, lowest cost, proper certifications.

  • Provide customers with accurate, definitive, dynamic solutions using real time dispatch from FieldPowerTM. Locate, communicate and start the correct technician on his way while providing the customer with the arrival time.

    field service software
    Real Time Updates

    Instant (Real Time) Field updates (En Route, onsite, complete, Cancelled appointments,…etc)

    Job Rescheduling

    Jobs can be rescheduled or reassigned to technicians by drag & drop in dispatcher control

    Audit Trail

    Complete Audit Trail for all the activities on both Customer and Equipment associated with customer

    Live Maps

    Fastest routes for Technicians based on current and upcoming locations.

  • Visualizing worker and customer locations on maps enables the overview required to make important big picture decisions. The Geographic Information System (GIS), made by combining GPS with Microsoft's Virtual Earth, allows decisions makers insight to improve business solutions.

    field service management

    Integrated with Bing Maps / Google Maps / any GIS Maps

    Location positioning

    Fieldpower can find the nearest Location and also the fastest Route for the technician

    Drive time estimation

    Actual Drive time or Straight line distance measured and drive time calculated

    Interactive Maps

    Interactive Live Maps for Dispatchers and Customer service.

  • Our Multi Vendor mobile workforce management solution gives you integrated control of internal resources, third party vendors, and sub-contractors,enabling growing your service coverage while maintaining complete control and cost efficiency

    field service management software
    Vendor Management

    Create and manage a list of approved vendors


    protecting your company's data, vendor vs. vendor data, and flexibly control over what each vendor can or cannot view or change data.

    Compare Vendors

    Compare Vendors Real Time


    The ability to handle 2 to 2000 vendors, and all of their technician details.

  • Companies indicate that back office integration tops their list of field service solution requirements(1). Real-time connectivity and total cost of ownership are a distant 2nd and 3rd. FieldPowerTM has a higher integration capability than any other field service management solution available.

    software for field service

    FieldPower Software for Field Service integrates easily with Microsoft Dynamics: ERP, CRM

    Legacy Systems

    Legacy Integration for Mainframe billing / applications


    Oracle, SAP, SalesForce.com

    Voice Response system

    Voice Response Systems for Call Centers

  • Reporting measures the quantity, quality and cost effectiveness, i.e. the field service results of the work being done by your company, and presents this information in a way that allows you to make decisions. FieldPower's field service results reporting provides operations managers with the information to run daily operations, and management with overviews of progress, cost, and profitability

    Field Services Software
    On Demand Reporting

    Ability to provide Ad Hoc / On-Demand reports from user defined criteria, export to Excel, Word, PDF, and Print

    Technician Reports

    Detailed analysis of Technician and Job reports

    Inventory Reports

    Inventory Adjustment (write-off) Reports and tracking

    Vendor Reports

    Ability to generate weekly status and mis reports.

  • Predict mobile workforce planning and inventory amounts and learn how they are interrelated to foresee bottlenecks and improve performance. The Forecast tool uses a time series algorithm to predict future values based on trends in existing time series data. Mobile workforce planning can forecast what annual workload will be will be two years from now, based on the current conditions and other factors in your data.

    Workforce Management Software
    Job Analysis

    Displays the actual and forecast jobs

    Inventory Analysis

    Improved Inventory management and forecasting minimizes repeat visits by ensuring parts availability

    FieldPower is a recognized, award winning Mobile Field Service Management Solution. It has passed Microsoft's Official Testing for Hosted

  • FieldPower Service Management Software dramatically improves productivity and decreases cost as fewer dispatchers are needed. Automatic dispatching allows dispatchers to handle same day emergencies more effectively improving Technician to Dispatcher Ratio drastically.

    Mobile Field Service
    Realtime Communication

    Real time communications between field technician, dispatch center, and inventory warehouse

    Credit card Integration

    Ability to integrate mobile work order transactions with credit card processing

    SMS Alerts

    SMS alert to technician of changes in schedule or reschedule

    GPS guidance

    FieldPower Mobile Service Software identifies traffic congestion and reroute patterns

  • It may seem a simple task to keep track of your company's inventory, however inventory tracking is an exhaustive process which is time consuming and difficult. FieldPower offers an efficient solution to this challenge with its Mobile Inventory Management software. With this inventory program, you can effectively manage your inventory, irrespective of location or quantity. 

    Inventory Management Software
    RFID Capabilities

    Utilize bar code and RFID capabilities for inventory tracking and management


    Check transactions between your company and a specific customer

    Inventory Transfer Options

    Transfer inventory between company warehouses, trucks, or individuals while tracking responsibility and history

    Emergency reorder

    Place an emergency reorder while in the field